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sett problem with point twill!

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I'm having a sett problem! 

Material: 22/2 cottolin in warp and weft

Loom: 8 harness 10 treadle

Pattern: I drafted an even pointed twill

Tie-up: balanced 4/4 diagonal twill tie-up

sett: 30 epi

Outcome: weft faced! 

I'm not sure why my test swatch isn't weaving up as a balanced twill weave. I've swiched the tie-up to 2/2/2/2 which helped a bit, but it still isn't balanced. I've tried playing around with tension but it hasn't made much difference. This is my first time weaving with cottolin, and I'm using the maximum sett recommended for 22/2 gauge. Any advice would be much appreciated, I'm totally stumped! 



Tucson, AZ