Is there a trick to getting your knots even when you are twisting fringe?

I just finished a scarf that I twisted the fringe on.  I find it very difficult to get the knots the same length.  I've tried doing it both before and after washing and I still seem to have trouble getting them even.  Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated! 



Posted on Mon, 01/30/2012 - 01:52

When I make a twisted fringe, I make sure I have plenty of extra length.  Then I make the twisted fringe an inch (or three) longer than necessary and tie it off.  Now I can make the real knot. 

Lay the end of the woven piece on a table with the longer plied fringe  toward you.  Weight down the cloth so it won't slip and use a strip of masking tape on the table to mark the line where you want the final row of knots to be.  Make your overhand knot (loosely) in the twisted part of the fringe and insert a knitting needle, tapestry needle or something into the loop of the knot and put the tip of the needle on the tape line.  Now pull the knot tight (gently) and it will ride up to the needle and land in the right place.  Remove the needle and tighten the knot.

I used to try to cut the ends with a rotary cutter... now I just pinch the fringe below the knot with my thumb and forefinger and clip it with scissors.  My fingers are always the same distance from the knot!

Posted on Mon, 01/30/2012 - 08:55

FWIW, I do it the other way: make sure that the end of the weave is straight, cut the (untwisted) fringe with a rotatry cutter. When twisted, I just try to get the knot as near as possible to the cut end, using (as sequel does) my fingers as the measure.

Posted on Mon, 01/30/2012 - 12:01

I knew there had to be something I wasn't doing!  Kerstin, I was going to try your method the next time.  If that doesn't work for me I'll try the masking tape.  I tend to worry things too much (you should have seen me with my selvedges in the beginning)  I was driving everyone nuts until I began to get the feel of it.

It is so nice to have a place to come when these questions arise.

Thanks so much for the input.



Posted on Tue, 01/31/2012 - 19:00

and great description of technique-I love the idea of using a tape guide and knitting needle to position the knot so precisely. As I am twisting and knotting a scarf later tonight, I am going to give this a try. Thanks to all!



Posted on Wed, 02/01/2012 - 02:35

I twist fringes on hundreds of scarves and shawls every year. I make my twist, then loosely tie my knot. I compare it to the one right before it and then as I tighten the knot, I move it up or down...whatever brings it into line with the others.