Hem a scarf?

Any easy ideas on how to turn a hem for a scarf?  Easy tips or equipment that makes it easy to turn the hem? Please?  Deb the rug weaver,


Posted on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 13:40

HI Deb.....if I have a scarf that doesn't seem to want to stay pinned in place, I will take a piece of cardstock, cut to be just a smidgen smaller than the hem I want, put a little spray on (removeable) adhesive on it and stick it to the end of the scarf.  Then I'll turn it once, press with an iron, turn it again and press again.  Stitch the hem in place, then tug on the cardstock to remove it and you have a very nice, even hem.  

You can also prepare the hem for turning while weaving, the same way you might prepare a rug hem.....weave with a smaller grist yarn than the body of the scarf.  If your hem is to be 1/2" thick, for example, weave 1/2" with the finer thread, then insert one pick of the regular weft, follwed by another 1/2" of the finer thread and finish with one pick of the regular weft thread.  Do the same at both ends.  When it comes time to fold the hem, fold on the pick of regular weft thread. and sew along the line of regular weft thread at the beginning and end of the cloth.  This produces a hem that is pretty much the same thickness as the rest of the scarf, just as it does in a rug hem....

Hope that helps....

Su :-)


Posted on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 21:16

ah, Sue, thanks so much....I like the adhesive cardstock idea. Clever transient tool, I took cooking in high school instead of sewing.  I think that is why I am a rug weaver..but I'm determined to make some nice scarves also!  Deb

Posted on Fri, 09/18/2009 - 17:24

One of my guild's members did this on a work day. I have not used this yet, but it seemed to work fine. She did essencially what Su describes above, but different.

For the hem, she wove 1/2" in the weft yarn, then a shot of something else - something smooth & colored differently. Another 1/2", another shot of something else. After weaving the body of the item, she wove the same hem at the end.

When ready to hem, she pulled the two shots out that differed, leaving her a ditch to turn on plus the exact warp threads to sew into on the back.

Posted on Thu, 10/01/2009 - 19:43


Thanks for these tips!!!  I love the idea of using the adhesive spray and I really didn't know about using the different grist yarn!!