Yarn remnants

In order to create samplers, I am going to request a local knitting-crochet group to give me remnants of yarn they will not use. I don't want to collect too much. I just spent weeks clearing out supplies I had stored for hobbies. What criteria should I include?

Length: minimum 2 yards?

What else?


Posted on Wed, 06/08/2016 - 10:51

Fiber type. If you only want natural fibers like cotton and wool, be sure to specify, or you might end up drowning in acrylic.

Also weight. If you don't want big bulky yarns, let them know that.

But bits of different fibers, weights, and textures can really add a kick to your projects. Also, if you're too picky, they might not want to take the trouble to sort for you. So stay open to Mystery Yarns, if laundering isn't an issue.