Wool stripe sampler questions

What variables should I weave and test in samplers for this fabric? 

  • Project: pouch to hang around neck
  • Fabric: varied width vertical stripes
  • Warp: worsted wool (stripe color)
  • Weft: cotton (8/2 ?)


 1. Shrinkage - loom tension, wet finishing, 2 different fibers. I understand this one.

2. What would you do to test the sett? Wraps per inch =10. I have a heddle size 8 & 10. Note from Weaver's Companion book: Warp faced balanced weave: wpi x 2= epi. But the thinner cotton thread in the weft would not be a balanced weave. Right?

3. What other tests and comparisons would you do?


Posted on Sat, 09/17/2016 - 22:39

you might also want to test for color fastness, and color compatibility! Are your colors that look great in your warp going to work when you add your weft!