tartan tea towels

I'm a newbie especially to my 20" flip (which I love!)... I want to make tea towels with a family tartan pattern using plain weave... I want more than one repeat of the pattern, so, from the little I know about weaving, I'm thinking with 200 slots/eyes, isn't enough and i'll have to use thin yarn? Is a tartan tea towel even possible on a 20" flip? Is this something I would have to use two heddles for? I'd like to take a class for this (Washington/oregon)... any advice and/or suggestions would be appreciated... thanks!


Posted on Tue, 12/02/2014 - 03:50

How many threads are in your repeat? You have 200 slots/ holes in a 10 dent reed that's 20" wide-- I'm not sure from your post if you think that's not enough or if that's what you want.