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Hi and my question is: Is there ever a situation where you would use 2 heddles with different sized dents?  (Not the heddle with mixed dents).


Posted on Sun, 12/03/2017 - 21:11

If you are using a rigid heddle loom, you would use 2 hedddles in several different situations.  If you are using a fine weaving yarn such as 10/2 cotton you might use 2 10 dent heddles for a sett of 20 Or a 10 and a 12 if your sett is 22.  Also, if you are doing double weave on a rigid heddle loom you need 2 heddles usually of the same size.

Of course, if you are using multiple sized yarns on a rigid heddle loom, you could use a variable dent heddle like the one made by Schacht for the Flip loom.  And, the Schacht Flip arrives with space for 2 heddles, no need to purchase a heddle kit like some other rh looms.  Just something to consider.