weaving with chenille

Hi Su,

I love your book but I will need to read it several times before all the wonderful information sinks in.  I love a draft on your cd 28.wif - one over seven satin draft replacement.  It looks like the floats may be too long for using with chenille.  I wasn't sure if the supplementary binding pick would take care of these floats or you just added this draft to show what can't be done with chenille.  If it can be done - I wanted to either use a silk for the warp and rayon chenille for the weft or the other way around.  The silk I have is 20/2 and the rayon is the 1300-1450 rayon chenille.  I love the texture of your scarves - it looks like the ones I really like are the ones you use sewing machine thread for the weft.  Can you give me ideas on how to weave this draft - the sett.  If it can't be done in chenille - can it be done with all silk?  When I look at your sett for rayon chenille for a tied weave the chenille would be set at 20-24 epi.  Would this draft be a tied weave?

Thanks for your help!




Posted on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 13:14

I would like to weave with the thicker rayon chenille yarn (don't recall the yd/lb at the moment) what is a good sett for that yarn and any good ideas on what to do with it? I'm thinking a blanket type throw.

Posted on Thu, 01/23/2020 - 17:47

Halcyon yarns sells heavier chenilles and gives setts for them.  Are you sure your yarn is rayon?  I have seen lots of heavy cotton chenille but not rayon.