Loom Woven Shibori in chenille

Hey all.....I just started working on a piece of loom woven shibori done in tencel and chenille.  The warp is mostly tencel, with a little chenille and the weft will be all chenille.  I hope to get if off the loom and begin dyeing by the end of the weekend.....will keep you posted.  Anyone else doing loom woven shibori with chenille??

Su :-)


Posted on Wed, 11/04/2009 - 19:38

Have not forgotten about you all!  I finished the loom woven shibori piece, took it off the loom, did some silk screening then stamping, then drew up the cords and dyed it.....I have been waiting for it to dry so I can get the shibori cords out.....tried to take them out while it was wet, but it was breaking the fragile Tencel warp threads, so I am being forced to be patient.....will post a pick when it is done....but I must say, the tiny part I did manage to reveal is looking good, so I have high hopes for this piece!


Posted on Thu, 11/05/2009 - 16:18

I have finished the loom woven shibori piece on rayon chenille.....pictured below.  This was surprising to me, the way the dye was accepted and resisted by the rayon chenille.  I will work with this a lot more, as I am quite pleased with the results!


                       Copyright 2009, Su Butler  Loom woven shibori with some surface design techniques


Su - who hopes to see photos of the chenille pieces you are all working on!