Hello Purrington Loom Friends!

I've been away from Weavolution and was delighted to see new faces! I'd love to hear your Purrington story - so here's mine.
I knew Purrington Looms were made in WV and I wanted to have some inkle looms made for a class AND I wanted them made in WV (guess where I live). So I visited the Purrington booth at the Maryland S&W Festival in the spring of 2012. After careful negotiation and lots of patience my inkle looms were delivered in time for my second class (as in second series). Ahhh well, they were worth the wait. I did end up purchasing a 20" P at the MS&W which Bruce delivered to my doorstep on his way home. I was so pleased with the loom that I jumped at the opportunity to trade up and I am anxiously awaiting on my brand new 26" P.
In the interest of full disclosure I will confess that I will be visiting the Purrington Factory this weekend and will have some hands on time with my looms parts! Yes, there is more to the story. Short story is I happen to think Bruce at Purrington is a very special man as well as an incredible woodcrafter. I have become involved with Purrington Looms in a closer way. We are working on developing some new product and improving production time on current product. The next few months will be challenging as there will be some reorganization at the factory to facilitate quicker product turnaround. S
So what's your Purrington story?