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The profile draft challenge 2012


This is a challenge for members of The Swedish National Association of Handweavers - but now we extend it to weavers all over the world.
There will be no prizes, except that your contributions will be published on our website (if you wish).

So - what is a profile pattern?

It could be called "shorthand", perhaps? It is a an overall plan of the pattern we wish to weave. It can, for example, look like this:

If you don't want to copy it on paper, you can download a .wif version (right-click and follow the instructions).

Read more about the challenge on our website.

To contribute to this challenge, write a story/description about why and how your interpretation came about. Then either publish your versions here on Weavo, or (to get published on our website, too) e-mail story and  .wif file to [email protected].

It would also be nice with a photo of the work, in progress and/or in it's intended place.


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