Hello Everyone-

      I live in the Alle-Kiski Valley (near Pittsburgh), and recently acquired a Union 36 loom, on which I intend to make rugs. BUT... I have never touched a loom before. (I have been an avid quilter, knitter, X stitcher, etc., since my grandma put my first needle in my hands at 4 years old.)  I have always wanted to learn to weave rugs, but could never find a loom to fit my budget until now. I would be grateful for any advice anyone could give me, as I know nothing. Would love to find someone nearby to demonstrate how to warp the loom, and/or weaving classes locally. (Someone already suggested the Mannings, but they are 6 hours away.) When I answered the ad, the loom was pictured with a project in place, but when I arrived to pick it up, everything had been cut away, so I don't even have the previous work to refer to.(I have attached it  here also) Also, there was what looked to be a cut off  broom handle hanging from somewhere on the loom when i arrived, but the husband clipped it off, and the wife put it in the box and said i would need it... for what?  Thanks in advance for putting up with all of my questions!