New weaver looking for a teacher!

Hi everyone!

I'm a new weaver... I've been a member of the ovwsg for a little while but as a spinner. I got a loom for my birthday a couple weeks ago and also bought a knitter's loom. then last week, I fell into a deal!  I got to borrow a Leclerc 8shaft floor loom from a friend who has no room to put it together but received it as a gift because they have an alpaca farm.


I'm looking for someone who could come and help me put the loom together (and maybe figure out which one it is) and teach me to warp it.  I would love to pay in yarn for the help but would be willing to pay in money if necessary.

I live in Aylmer, Qc and would need the person to come over!

Thank you so much for reading,

Genevieve Noel