My boys have built a 7-ft tri-loom for me. Just have to finish drilling holes and put in nails and it will be ready for weaving? My question now is: Has anyone out there built their own easel-whatever type stand for their loom? If so, are there any directions/suggestions for building one? And approximate cost? I want to keep the cost down as much as possible. :) I foolishly thought the stand I was using for smaller tri-loom would work with the larger loom. Well, duh, the new loom is larger than the current easel? LOL Thanks so much in advance for help/suggestions/ideas. God bless. MerryMac


Posted on Sun, 10/02/2011 - 14:14

Hi MerryMac,

I made my tri-looms of different sizes and have no easels....I did, however, do several things.  I have a warping board I made mounted to the wall and remove unwanted pegs so that my large tri loom fits perfectly at the right height for me to work and it is stable.  On my outside deck I mounted inch wide dowels of oak onto wood that I can remove for storage in winter and easily mount when I need them.  The large loom is held in place and secure. I can sit with a smaller loom by mounting a dowelled board to the railing of my deck.  I admit a large space is needed if one weaves with it flat on a table. As of yet I haven't made an easel and probably would only do so if I needed to travel with the loom.

Large art supply stores might have easels you can view to get an idea if your boys wish to be more creative and challenged. Remember the large easels take up space too.  At university we need 2 large rooms for students painting because of easel space required. Wall mounted pegs minimize space. Just some thoughts that might be helpful.

Be interested in knowing your thoughts on how you made out. I know your issue might be resolved since the posting was months ago.  I just joined the group and saw your question.