April 25, 2015 NYGH meeting -- Ria Koopmans presents " The Frugal Weaver"

Saturday April 25, 2015 at 1:00 pm
The School of Visual Arts
214 East 21st Street, Room 703A
Social Hour at Noon

Ria Koopmans has been interested in fiber arts for most of her life, and has been weaving since the mid-1990s. Her interest in frugal weaving grew in part out of economic necessity, but more enduringly out of a long-abiding ecological concern. Rather than just tossing everything not needed at a given moment in the trash as so much landfill fodder, she started collecting objects, packaging, cardboard, ribbons, ropes and the like, with a view to future creative use. In more recent years, as her weaving activity picked up, it was natural that she would also start collecting thrums and loom-waste, and figure out ways to put those to use.

She will share how she started researching various forms of frugal weaving, in part also informed by her professional interest in Japanese culture. She will present some of the ideas she has developed, show a small number of items she has made herself, and provide the opportunity for members and attendants to try their own hand at little projects.