Need dimensions on frame for very old 16-shaft LeClerc Dorothy table loom


United States

<p>Help!&nbsp; &nbsp;Several years while moving I bought a used vintage 16-harness (4-frame sets) Nilus LeClerc Dorothy table loom. thinking I could do small projects and samples on it while the out-of-state move progresses..&nbsp; The seller to cut shipping costs cut the loom apart and sent bits and pieces with the instructions for a 4-harness newer Dorothy.&nbsp; I have let it sit in boxes but want to finally get it into usable shape.&nbsp; If anyone has one and could help me with the dimensions of the side frames to help me determine the spacing I would greatly appreciate it.&nbsp; The individual frame sets are in great condition.</p>


Posted on Sat, 03/13/2021 - 16:53

Leclerc has information for looms that they used to make as well as current ones on their website.  Camilla Valley Farms sells Leclerc looms and parts.