Hello! I am wondering if you are interested in purchasing very high quality whole bug Cochineal direct from Lima Peru. My wife and I live in St. Paul Minnesota. My wife's family lives in Peru where her brothers have started a co-op of farmers who wish to sell natural dyeing products. Hopefully, we could work with you as far as acquiring Cochineal at a great savings. We would be able to cut out some middle people by dealing directly with my wife's brothers who are interested in entering the United States market with their first quality Cochineal.  

I know that the Cochineal is clean, and that the carminic acid test was well over 20%. Their Cochineal is cultivated. It is sun dried and no chemicals are used in the process. This really is a family owned and operated effort. I would be happy to send you a sample. Please reply to this email or else here is my contact number: 612-799-0198.  Thank you.



Posted on Wed, 04/10/2013 - 11:37

I am a newbie to Natural dyes not to dyeing. I would like to do some dyeing of organic cotton. If you would be so kind I have questions. If this is too much, if you would direct me towards your favorite reference books ( I would love references anyways) I would appreciate it.
How do Natural dyes do on cotton? I imagine Indigo does fine since Japanese Kimonos are sometimes made from cotton, ( also from silk.) but what about the other Natural dyes? Would organic cotton change the method/mordants from regular cotton?
I'm not interested in the cottons which change colors as washed, I'm looking for more vibrant colors.

Intended use, I am weaving baby blankets for family members who desire the most natural cloth possible. With their wishes in mind,I want the most beautiful cloth possible:)
Thank you