Migrated Group Comments

Migrated Group Comments


Posted on Sun, 06/21/2009 - 14:58

Great picture - it looks like a porcupine!

How about an introduction from everyone.  I'll start:

Hi - I'm Alison.  I started making bobbin lace about 20 years ago when my mother twisted my arm into going with her to learn.  I loved it!  My mother now quilts.  I started with Torchon (of course) and now make Bucks, Beds, Milanese and Withof.  I would love to learn Binche, but don't really want to make the commitment to another lace syle.

Right now I'm working on a handkerchief edging - you can see it in my projects.  I had taken a break from making lace (unintentionally), so it is great to get back to it!  You'll notice, I started simple.  I also had a deadline (long missed) - another reason for keeping it simple.

I look forward to hearing more about each of you!