new member signing in

Newest member of the Michigan group signing in.  Weaving for less than 5 years.  Current project is an overshot table runner.  Third time's the charm.  Considering using homespun to make cloth for front of a vest.    Don't know if I have enough weft. 

4H Baby Wolf, 2H  Union Victory.  Metro Detoit area.

Looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things.



Posted on Tue, 03/15/2011 - 17:05

Hi, new member signing in. "Padre" Wayne, an Episcopal priest in the Middle of the Mitten, partnered with a spinner (who would have known?). Weaving since Christmas '10, totally smitten by it. Scarves so far, plus one table runner. 4H LeClerc Voyageur (table top), now thinking about an 8H floor loom. Yikes.