Hi from Dexter MI

Hello everyone!

My name is Olga and I weave in Dexter :) 

I am a new weaver but making a great progress.My sister in law introduced me to weaving this past july and sent me home with a table loom.... and I was hooked. Got my big girl loom in August- Leclerc 4 s. I am on my 3rd project and it goes not as fast as I'd like it to  since having a 16 months old toddler consumes all of the time! I also am a professional seamstress but that craft hasn't been touched since my son was born :)

happy weaving!


Posted on Wed, 01/12/2011 - 19:11

Glad to have you on our site - good to know there are others out there! If you're interested, I belong to Michigan Weavers Guild and we meet on Saturdays. People belong from all over the SE Michigan area. If ever you're looking for a group - I can tell you I drive quite a distance to attend! Maybe there is a guild right in your area? Can anyone tell Olga where you Guild?

Welcome and Weave On!


Posted on Sat, 01/15/2011 - 16:43

Seems like the Kalamazoo guild would work for Olga....google Kalamazoo Weavers Guild, Kalamazoo, MI. I have taught workshops for them, and I actually stayed in Dexter, so the drive is minimal. The guild meets, I think, on the south side of K'zoo.

Su :-)