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Mastering Weave Structures Study Group

This Study Group focuses on Sharon Alderman's book Mastering Weave Structures. We will study 1 chapter per month in 2015. New users are welcome to join anytime for the remaining chapters or for just one chapter.

Ch. 1- Plain Weave

Ch. 2 Twill

Ch. 3- Satin

Ch. 4- Waffle Weaves

Ch. 5- Distorted Grid

Ch. 6-Compound Weaves

Ch. 7- Loom Controlled Double Weave

Ch. 8- Bedford Cord and Pique

Ch. 9 Loom controlled Pile Weaves

Ch. 10Some of This Some of That 

Ch. 11 Inventing your own structures/weaves

Erica J