I know that Maryland S&W is a long way off, but it really is only 8 more months (or about 7 months too long). I plan to be there once again, running my mouth and selling all of the wonderful consignments that are brought in. I want to get you all thinking about having a forum to "advertise" what you are bringing to sell or perhaps to post what you are looking for. Every year we get a variety of items from looms to wheels to knitting machines. Books, books, and more books, Niddy Noddy's, chakra's, drop spindles and squirrel cages. Big looms, little looms, table looms, and card looms. I don't think there is any one place you can go where you will find such a variety of fiber toys (eeerrrr equipment) for sale in one place. Ovr the years I have made many friends and many of you are part of my fiber family. I often get asked, "will you come do a sale for us?" So now you know where to find me. So friends, help me out, why not post pictures of past treasures from the auction at MSW?