Does anyone know when Macomber began using cast aluminum, rather than cast iron on their looms?


I have a B4E I purchased from its original owner. It was invoiced on August 18, 1976.

All the original parts are cast iron, maple, or stainless steel.

It came with 4 harnesses, and I have bought four more in the last 18 months. I also noticed the new harnesses are made from a lighter grade steel and the edges are not rounded or finished as nicely as the original ones.

Lastly, in September, I ordered a second beam for my loom for double weaving. It is sectional. It arrived last week, and I noticed the parts that came with it are cast aluminum and not cast iron. Of note, the end plate with the little post that holds the beam to the loom on one end was broken off in transit. I have attached a photo.

I love Macomber and still think it is one of the best looms built, but I am a bit disappointed with the change from iron to aluminum. On their website, they say they use the strongest materials available.

On the upside, when I reported the broken piece, they responded a replacement would be shipped immediately!

Anyone have any idea when they changed materials?

I asked Meredith, and she did not know. Thank you!