48" Macomber Loom for Sale, New Ad-Harness-Units For Sale

I am selling one of my Macomber looms as I have 5 in my studio. This loom is currently set up as a 4 harness loom with a sectional beam and friction brake. The loom is in good working order - I just have several duplicates. We are installing a new apron and cords so it will be ready to go when it leaves.

This Macomber frame is for up to 10 harnesses. I have 2 Ad-A-Harness units that have not been installed for this loom. They are brand new and would bring the total harnesses to 6.

The loom is located in Peacham, Vermont.

Selling for $1000 with 4 harnesses. Purchased new it would be about $3403. With the additional 2 Ad-A-Harness Units which cost $528 last year, the total for the loom and units is $1300. 

Will also sell the Ad-A-Harness Units separately for $150 each plus shipping.  They are brand new and sell currently for $$264 each.  They are for harnesses 5 and 6 but could me changed to go in any spot in the line-up by getting other jack levers for the top.  Those could not be much at all. 

Pick-up only. This loom has been wonderful to weave on and extremely sturdy.  Will ship the Ad-A-Harness units.

Paypal or cash.

[email protected]