Restoring old JMade

I am restoring an old JMade 4H, 22" table loom converted to floor (6T). I bought it about 5 yrs ago without really looking at it and now I want to use it and can see it's faults. It appears to have been stored somewhere that took a toll on it (dried, stained wood) and definitely needs work before using. The harnesses rub on the frame when I press on the treadles. It's all very creaky and rough.  I have no paperwork with it, which would help some if I could find it. I would like to take all the cords off it and take the heddles out and then just go to work cleaning up and replenishing the wood. I can work on it without taking it apart, but it would be so much better if I could take individual pieces out and work on them at a counter/table, then reassemble the loom once it's all looking lovely again, using new Texsolv for heddles and tie-ups. Worried that I'll fail to figure out where all the parts go when I put it back together. 

I see this as a good practice before I attempt to restore 2 large floor looms that were given to me and also have been sitting, under unknown conditions for decades. I believe in these 3 looms. I believe I can make them work, but it would really help if some nice, helpful soul could photocopy some Jmade table loom manuals or anything helpful. I tried to reach Dale Johnson sometime in the past 5 yrs as well, with poor results.

I also went looking for the Zeek's of Zeek's Looms in Salem Oregon to get help with one of my floor looms. I live in Hillsboro, OR but that doesn't seem to be making it any easier to find them. Apparently, whatever happened to these guys they may have no offspring who are still involved in weaving. I did find the business being started up by the grandchildren of the Norwoods who are starting up the old Norwood Loom under a slightly different name. My Zeek loom is a copy of the Norwoods and they'll be able to help me with missing parts - like the entire beater assembly. 

The 3rd loom is a complete unknown, but resembles a Gilmore. I've owned 2 Gilmores from the 1980s and still "read" the Gilmore website because I"m a loom geek. I don't yet anticipate problems with that one, but I'll get there. All I know at this point is that I have a huge project ahead of me and will be extremely proud of my studio when I'm done. 

Some day, I hope to actually be weaving again. It's been, literally, decades....



Posted on Tue, 03/12/2019 - 20:52

Wondering how you made out with restoring the J-made table with conversion.  I too have one, just pulled it out of storage and I suspect that there were some modifications made.  I'd ike to get it back in weaving shape!  If you have some pictures I sure would like to see them!