Kessenich brake

<p>Hi, I recently acquired a 60+ year old Kessenich 4 shaft/6 treadle loom. I&#39;m pretty new to weaving, as my first loom is an antique handmade with a clever but basic braking system. This &quot;new&quot; one apparently has an issue with the brake slipping. The previous owner said it worked for one&nbsp;project but then they moved houses, and it never worked properly after the move, and she had to improvise a strap. I don&#39;t know what it&#39;s supposed to look like so I&#39;m at a loss for troubleshooting. Can anyone share a pic of a functional Kessenich brake, or help me see if there&#39;s something off with mine? <img alt="" height="4048" src="/sites/default/files/IMG_20200126_065246.jpg" width="3036" /></p>