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Gallinger looms

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What do y'all know about Gallinger looms? My grandpa picked one up at an auction last year. It's a counterbalance and it's definitely old. It was in a bunch of pieces, they didn't even know what it was, and there's probably some pieces missing. All I know is that they were handmade in Enola, PA.


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Gallinger looms were last

Gallinger looms were last made in East Berlin Pennsylvania at The Mannings.  They are usually 4H counterbalance looms with heavy cotton belting instead of pulley ropes and 4 direct tie up treadles.  They usually had a tension brake on the warp beam with a wooden brake drum.  They were originally designed by Osma Gallinger Tod and her husband built them.  The Mannings is the best place to go for more info:  http://www.the-mannings.com

They are very helpful people and my favorite place to shop!



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