opphåmpta - swedish-pick-up?

Hi all,

to another place in the forum I read about opphåmpta. In the Glossary, I have made an entry in Swedish and English, just as it was in my Swedish-enilish glossary. Nevertheless, I need a picture to understand what is meant. Maybe I'll find also a German word
Perhaps someone can help?




Posted on Sat, 11/14/2009 - 14:59

Opphämta can also be spelled upphämta, and is also called smålandsväv.

Links to pictures: http://riksvav.se/kronobergsvav/y08/juni08.html (my local guild - the two bags are smålandsväv); http://textilarkivet.murberget.se/samlingar.aspx?id=2&v=1&sok=Sm%C3%A5landsv%C3%A4v (several pics from a Swe museum); http://sv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upph%C3%A4mta (Swe wikipedia) and http://www.m-e.se/artiklar/upphamta.html - an article about how to do it in Weavepoint. (Text is in Swedish, though) Scroll down a bit to see the total structure (with the ground cloth in plain weave). The pattern in the article comes from "Damask and opphämta: with weaving sword or drawloom" by Lillemor Johansson, ISBN 91-36-02158-X .  (Swe ed "Opphämta och damast : med skälblad eller dragvävstol",  ISBN 91-971316-3-6)