What's on your Kromski?

I find the power of Weavolution is in the inspiration found in other's projects. Let's post what's on our looms here so we can be inspired by each other and thus weave more great projects on our great looms!


Posted on Sun, 11/08/2009 - 23:10

    Very pretty,  I love the yarn, what is it?  I have the  third warp on my new  Harp.  It is a really skinny, really long malabrigo scarf in a plaid pattern.  Colors are applewood, brown, and pink.  It is a  bit challenging as the the malabrigo  is sticky, but I do love that yarn so much.

Posted on Mon, 11/09/2009 - 18:30

It's Mondial Merino Plus, I think I picked it up in Nebraska years ago! It doesn't really have a colourway on the label though! Can't wait to see pictures of your scarf. I'm not familiar with malabrigo, sounds fun! :)

Posted on Mon, 11/09/2009 - 19:22

jahanara, that's gorgeous--do you have doubled ends in some of the slots? I am trying to figure out your warping pattern from the photo, but I'm not sure.

Posted on Tue, 11/10/2009 - 16:39

Thanks! It is turning out really well, it will be nice and soft for my niece too! It's actually the easiest thing I've ever woven. Since the warp is varigated I just warped the first three slots and holes for every inch. The yarn is a 6 epi sett max and the closest heddle I had was 8 epi. So I just skip one set per inch! I took less than two hours to warp all 15.5"! It takes about 3 minutes to weave and inch too, since it's a balanced weave and only takes 6 picks to weave and inch!

Posted on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 21:07

I just took some towels off of the loom, you can check them out in my projects.   I'm looking to start a scarf or two for my sisters. May be a Christmas presents or an after Christmas present.  We'll see which happens first.  

That baby blanket is very pretty.  What size is it and what sett?  I need to make one after the holidays for a new Great Grandbaby due next year.   Does that qualify me as old as dirt, or just lusty grandchildren?

Knitsalot, I love the color of your scarf.  Does the wool/acrylic yarn felt?  That's a very interesting combination.


Peggy in Utah

Posted on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 22:45

I just took my fabric off my Kromski.. ;o)  It is homespun romney single and merino single...each plied with silver polyester thread.  It is woven using a 12 dent heddle.  I was actually trying for a log cabin but somehow did not get it warped right ... still haven't figured out what I did wrong... sigh  But this is ok anyway. I will use it to make a purse or a table runner..

This small piece is what I had to cut off because I had a warp break and have no idea how to fix it. 



Posted on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 22:47

And a big "Thanks" to knitsalot for inviting me over... ;o)   I do love my Kromski Harp even tho I still feel like a total newbie using it..lol

Posted on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 01:19

Welcome Linda,

Let's see if we can lend a hand.  First, you might want to join the Rigid heddlers group also and take a look at the log cabin WAL that is going on right now in the Rigid heddlers forum.  My first attempt was a mess and I have persevered and mastered, well figured out, how to warp and weave.

Second, to fix a broken warp thread.  There is a wonderful article with pictures and explanation at:  And, an explanation on Bonnie Tarses' blog hereIt's a really good thing to learn, you will probably be using it often.  I find when I use handspun singles is when I get the most broken threads.  Check before you warp to make sure a yarn is strong enough for the tension required to be warp.

And, to check the strength of the warp, take about a 12-18" piece of yarn and wrap each end around your hands and apply tension.  Hold your hands firmly for about 10-15 seconds.  If the yarn does not break or snap, you're okay.  If it breaks, use it for weft not warp.  I believe there is a section about this in Deborah Chandler, Learning to Weave

Claudia, Weavolution co-founder and Rigid heddlers group mom

Posted on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 01:19

Hi Linda!

If you're a newbie, we need a new term for people like me  newnewnewbies, I guess. 


Just a note, I fixed the missed warp thread that is so apparent in the photo I just posted.  I'm not sure if the yarn will felt at all, I'm hoping there is enough wool in it that it will fluff up nicely when I wash it.

Posted on Thu, 11/12/2009 - 14:55

Thanks, Claudia, for the points in the right direction.   And "Hi, knitsalot"...   Thanks for your vote of  confidence...  ;o)

Posted on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 14:37

I finished my second project and wore it to my knitting group on Saturday.


Lesson learned: When you are using a variegated knitting yarn, make sure you always wind your shuttle from the same end of the ball (center pull or off the outside) I ended up with a bit of color blocking on one end of the scarf.


What's on the loom this week? I direct warped for the first time (wow! is that fast and easy) some leftover Elann Luna yarn, and have put in some floats and a 2/2 Leno cross to make a pattern near the ends of the scarf, keeping careful notes so I can reproduce it at the other end. What have I learned so far? Elann Luna is a very slippery yarn, and after beating, I sometimes need to give a little tug while pinching the opposite selvedge  to straighten the last throw out a bit.

Posted on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 14:57

Congrats on finishing you project and wearing it.  I am sure you are the only one who noticed the color blocking or pooling. 

Pictures, please, please, please.  Have you checked out the video created by one of our Weavolution users on how to upload photos?  It's a big help.  It's right here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pmEdxZUyY0



Posted on Mon, 11/16/2009 - 19:50

The colorblocking is not that bad, it looks like it was done on purpose, I can either choose to wear that end of it on top or on bottom when I loop it around my neck--it's a long enough scar to wear that way:  pull both ends through the loop with your head in the middle.





Posted on Thu, 11/19/2009 - 01:48

ha ha, you are too kind 


I wouldn't call it quite right....this yarn was not a good choice, very slippery, I'm not sure how it will behave when washed. 

Posted on Fri, 11/20/2009 - 22:23

Here's the latest off my Harp.  The warp is a fingering weight wool that I hand painted and the weft is laceweight in black.  It's not as saturated in real life but I love it anyway!

Posted on Sun, 11/22/2009 - 20:28

Thank you.  It was a 10-dent heddle threaded with the fingering weight warp.  I think the laceweight weft was about 10 ppi.  I hope to have some projects cross-posted from Ravelry onto Weavolution over the next couple of weeks.  Sometimes it feels like I spend more time "weaving" in front of the computer than in front of the looms!

Posted on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 11:41

Log cabin or not.....It's very pretty.  I would call it more of a plaid, but I still think it is beautiful fabric.  Finishing should help those fibers bloom.  I would love to see the fabric after you finish it.   Thank you, your piece has given me an idea.  My first attempt at log cabin wasn't  correct and I wonder if I can needle weave some color into it to give that plaid affect. I think I would like it better.  It's just a towel so should not be too long or difficult.

Great Job!

Peggy in Utah

Posted on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 11:52

I love the lace and I must try this one day.  I'm still knitting a sweater and I just look at everyone's projects and say knit...knit....knit...  so I can get it done and move on to a new woven project.

Posted on Mon, 11/30/2009 - 11:55

Maria, that is a beautiful piece.  Thank you for sharing.  I love the ideas and inspiration this group gives me.


Peggy in Utah

Posted on Wed, 12/16/2009 - 12:10

I finished the baby blanket today! I just need to wash it and block it tonight! I'll post pictures once it's finally finished. This blanket was on Artemis, my 16" Kromski. I've almost got Apollo (32" Harp) warped with my colour gamp shawl!

I won't get to weave on that until next year, when I get back from my visit to the US! I'll be in the DC area from 25-30 Dec if anyone in this group lives near there I'd love to meet up for coffee/tea!

Happy Holidays and Happy Weaving Everyone!

Erica :)

Posted on Mon, 01/04/2010 - 20:35

It's time to take pictures, I am trying out a transparency like the one Sally Orgren did on Weavezine. I am using 10/2 cotton for the warp and weft and 3/2 natural mercerized cotton for the design. I'll weave more and take pictures tonight.

Anyone up for a WAL?


Posted on Tue, 01/05/2010 - 17:09

Just a note. I had a scarf extravaganza over the holidays (about 8 of them) and have posted some pictures in my projects list. A few more to come.

Posted on Fri, 01/29/2010 - 20:36

Hello Everyone:

Here is the latest.  My 4th weaving.   How do you all do this without flaws.  It's going to drive me crazy.  I guess I should look on the bright side.  They are fewer and can be fixed.  This was a fast weave.  I started this about January 3rd and finished by January 24th. 

This project started with a picture of a scarf that I thought was very nice looking.  It was on this site that I saw it and copied it into a document so I could try to duplicate it.  So I tried to create a that scarf or a similar scarf.  I believe the yarn I used was thicker, but I also wanted to experience acrylics on my rigid heddle loom.  This was a good lesson in finishing too.  I choose 2 different finishes.  One was like a chain crochet and the other more like a sewn back stitch.  I prefer the back stitch over the crochet.  It lays neater in my opinion.   I still need to finish the tassels.  Log Cabin Scarf

Posted on Sat, 01/30/2010 - 08:38

Great Projects everyone! Here's what's on my Harp at the moment!

My colour gamp is nearly finished, I just have to finish the last two purple stripes, then wash it! I just read in teh WSD Journal about weaving a sampler to wash and one to leave in loom state. I'm not sure I have enough warp to do that and the colour gamp shawl, which was my goal. We'll see!

Posted on Sat, 01/30/2010 - 17:19

I love this!  How did you pick your colors?  I find that the color gamp kits are very expensive, yet ordering colors with the right tone online is hard.  Do you have a terrific store nearby?

Posted on Tue, 02/02/2010 - 16:17

I make a first attempt at weaving a transparency scarf. I sort of followed the ideas in Sally Orgren's article for Weavezine called "A Diaphanous Scarf". You can see the final result in my projects here

It was a lot of fun and am planning another one soon.


Posted on Wed, 02/03/2010 - 00:11

Hi Claudia,

Your scarf is really nice.  Did you like the 10/2 at 10 epi?  If you were to do it again, would you use the same sett?  I am teaching a class next summer with some more advanced weavers, weaving linen transparencies on floor looms and table looms and beginners using the rigid heddle looms.  We start with wool scarves for the beginners.  But the cotton would be a good idea for this class for a second scarf. 

So, I am asking if you liked the thread and sett.  It looks really nice. What did you use for the laid-in weft thread?  Do you think 10 epi would be a good sett for the 8/2 cotton that I have?  Do you think your scarf is a stable weave when it is so open?


Posted on Wed, 02/17/2010 - 18:23

Hi Joanne,

Wow, guess I missed this question for a couple days, sorry.

I liked the 10/2 at 10 epi for this project because I wanted something that would show off the inlaid pieces.  I think an 8/2 cotton would also work for a transparency and I would definitely try it.  I sampled a lot before moving forward on the project. I thought the 3/2 pearl cotton was nice for the inlay but the 5/2 was best single and the 10/2 doubled was the very best.  I could have used more color but wanted to keep it simple for a first project.

The scarf had the exact drape and feel I was looking for, delicate but not as though it was falling apart.  Once I wet finished it, the drape improved greatly.  It came out so nicely that I was unable to take it away from my mother. I brought it with me to Florida when I was visiting and Mom would not give it up when I left.  She stated, and I quote, "why don't you make yourself another one.  This was a nice experiment and I'll just hold on to it for you.  Weave another one, it'll come out even better". So, she has the scarf and I get to do it again  : )


Posted on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 10:47

Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I had a colour card for these yarns and used that to pick my colours. It took me quite a while to make my final decisions. You're right this would have been impossible to do with only online images!

Colour cards are well worth the expense! :)



Posted on Wed, 02/24/2010 - 10:51

Nope not a kit! I'm glad everyone likes it so much! I'd been wanting to do a colour gamp since 2001 and I'm thrilled mine has gone down so well!

You can see the project details in my notebook. I used Harrisvill Shetland yarns, the specific colour codes are in the project details.

Thanks for all the lovely comments and questions!



Posted on Mon, 03/01/2010 - 08:53

That gives site in a whole new meaning! I think someone has not been giving their kitty enough love, due to their weaving addiction, haha.