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Knot Seelie's Apprentices

A group for people who have taken a class from the Dread Viscountess Seelie (mka Barb Klessig), whether at Pennsic or anywhere else. Also sometimes known as "Seelie's Knotty Apprentices," or for two weeks of the year, "Seelie's Pennsic Apprentices" (but we're **k**not officially her apprentices!) Think of us as her Groupies.

Also for those who simply have an interest in weaving, particularly in multiple-heddle techniques on a rigid heddle loom.

Or if you just like to weave on any kind of loom and/or talk and learn about textiles and textile archaeology, or simply listen to people talk weaving and/or textile archaeology, grab a seat & join in. We're not fussy, really.

We like people who make beads and things out of wood, too. And people who generally play with fibre. Fibre is good, it keeps weavers in business.

And remember to ask Seelie when she last had water!


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