Keeping the "we" in Weavolution

About three months ago, a strange post appeared on Weavolution, SPAM. Fortunately, an active user, Caroline, spotted it and left us a note in the "Report a Bug" forum. We deleted the spam and the user and watched the forums a bit more carefully for a couple days. But, life gets busy and there's lots going on behind the scenes at Weavolution and, a month later,  we got spammed again. This time, Laverne, Bolivian warmi, notified us.

The point is, Weavolution is a community and we rely on each other for many things. We post our problems and our successes. Our questions and our solutions and we are here for each other

If you see something that looks like spam or notice a comment that looks strange there are several ways to reach the moderators and managers at Weavolution.

1. Post a comment in the "Report a bug" forum.

2. Click on "Contact" in the red area at the bottom of every page and send an email.

3. Click on "Report abuse" in the red area at the bottom of every page and write an email to the administrator.

4. PM Claudia (that's my user name) and let me know what concerns you have.

Thanks to everyone for helping keep the "we" in Weavolution.