2010-2011 book

got my 2010-2011 catalgue and now I just have to decide what I am gonna take this year I am looking at two different spinning classes since I dont have a floor loom yet I dont want to take a weavign class this time anyone else going?


Posted on Sun, 08/28/2011 - 20:35


You would love the online class Sheep to Shawl.  It includes everything you need about cleaning, carding, spinning and weaving from a fleece to finished product.  Best part is you can do the weaving on your rigid heddle loom!  Here is where to find the class:  http://weavolution.com/node/19259

In addition, no driving, no leaving your home.  Take the class in your sweats and slippers!!  


Posted on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 00:11

Kerstin -

The book that the original post was referring to is the John C. Campbell folk school catalog of classes.  They print it yearly.  This post showed up to me in the John C. Campbell Folk School Group, but it looks like she posted it to more than one group, because when I clicked in, the breadcrumbs show that it is in the scarf borders and finishes group too.


Posted on Sun, 09/18/2011 - 17:24

Claudia - my laptop doesnt have a videocamera or a microphone, otherwise i would like to take the class

Cathy - i think i went a little nuts posting about the book, my original post was on the JCC group i think

Kerstin - the John C Campbell plsvr is an awessome plavcre to go for a weeklong (or weekend) class on various crafting subjects.
This year I took a rigid heddle class and learned many techniques - you are very submerged into subjecy.
As a matter of fact my roommate took a blacksmitting classs
take a look at the schedule.