Daisy II combination loom

We are working on a tape-inkle-2-H loom or rigid heddle loom and also card loom.  The instructions are fussy and would like to know if anybody out there can shed some light on this.  They tell us to make a warp as always, wind it on.  Then make the string heddles but then the instructions stop.  What I need help with or my question, is do I use these heddles like the ones on an inkle loom.  If anybody could clarify this for me it would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks Margriet


Posted on Thu, 07/16/2009 - 12:06

I'm a bit daring and like to figure things out for myself so I would try a small test warp using string heddles the way they are done on a standard inkle loom.  If that doesn't work out then I'd try going back to the manufacturer if you can to get a clairification on the instructions.

Posted on Sat, 07/18/2009 - 13:37

Thanks for your suggestions.  I was able to figure it out and it does work like in ikle loom the heddles are doubled from the bottem.  The instructions that came with the loom were very lenthy but very short on clarity.  The only difference from an ikle loom is that you can put a very long warp on and you are not restricted to what ever length the inkle loom is.  I can now bring it to our State Fair so the kids can work on it  while others demonstrate weaving, spinning etc.  We hope to recruit some new weavers and spinners.