Lodi, Ohio or Redwood City, CA?

Can anyone shed any light on this? In weaving magazines in at least 1952 through 1959 there are advertisements for Herald Looms and the Herald Mfg. Co. located in Redwood City, CA.  In 1963 there are ads for Herald Looms "distributed exclusively by North Shore Handweaving Co" in Evanston, Ill.  In 1969, Bailey Mfg, Lee St, Lodi, Ohio was the address given for Herald looms. In communication with Bailey Mfg I was told that there was no connection between Herald Looms in Redwood City and Herald Looms in Lodi and that loom making in Lodi was a "short lived venture" as an outshoot of its therapeutic equipment business. The photos in the Redwood City ads look very much like the Herald looms I have seen. Does anyone have any information that might clarify this?