Hemp fiber for weaving

I love hemp.  Unfortunately because up to now all our hemp fiber and fabric (and other products) have to be imported, it is often somewhat expensive.  The more affordable stuff is nearly always undyed, unbleached, and often single ply, or a coarse, thick yarn, or both.

But we are on the crest of a wave of change.  Last year, a man in CO, Ryan Loflin (owner of Colorado Hemp, a company that has been importing hemp products for resale in the US) planted - and harvested - 60 acres of hemp - even though it wasn't legal even under CO law at the time, let alone federal law.  He has planted again this year.

But I wouldn't suggest those of us wishing for domestic hemp for weaving (or anything else) look towards Mr. Loflin for any fiber now or any time in the forseeable future.  Given the demand for industrial hemp, the 60 acres he's been planting is unlikely to fully meet his own needs.  And even though Pres. Obama signed a bill last Feb legalizing the growing of industrial hemp at the federal level, the problem is that no one has repealed the laws against importation of viable seed.  Finally, so far, farmers have been unable to get federal crop insurance - which makes many farmers unwilling to grow the crop for fear of total loss.

From what I've read, farmers applied for permits to put somewhere between 1,000 and 1300 acres in CO in hemp this year.  I don't know how many actually planted. It will be months before harvest of that crop, or whatever portion of it successfully reaches maturity.

Personally I'm rooting for the hemp farmers.  I can barely wait to get my hands on affordable domestic hemp fiber. Preferably in Technicolor, LOL!