Help Identifying Old Loom

I recently purchased an OLD folding counterbalance loom; 45" outside width, 36" weaving width, 4 harness, 6 treadles.  The owner had been an avid weaver with several looms; however, she has Alzheimer's and cannot provide any information.  Her husband said that it is a Nilus Leclerc, but there are no markings that I can find to determine make or age.  The loom is very similar to the Nilus Leclerc and clearly not homemade; however, there are some distinct differences (due to being an older model?).  Pictures included.  The top roller sits in slots in the side frame pieces and is not adjustable in height nor with a shed regulator.  The cords go thru holes in the roller rather than on larger wooden bushings.  The treadles are flat and connect by hinges directly to the frame rather than on top of the bottom horizontal frame piece.  The tie up pegs are wooden instead of metal clips.  There is a foot brake that is not a friction type.  The loom is in need of serious cleaning, rust removal, and refinishing, but is sound in structure and without repair.  The top hand batten piece on the beater is missing and looks very similar to the Nilus Leclerc,s; a custom piece could easily be made by a woodworker.  I contacted Camilla Farms Weaving Supply for identification and was informed that it is not a nilus Leclerc.

front view2nd front viewrear view showing top rollertreadles and tie up pegs, rear viewtreadles, top viewbeater missing hand battentop roller from rearfoot brake, top viewadvance handle    


Posted on Mon, 03/24/2014 - 21:18


Your loom looks like a very older model of Leclerc Looms that I saw in our local museum but it could be also a Julien Loom.  These looms were produced in Quebec , I did a research on the web about it but was unable to find something  about these looms.  Unfortunately, one was for sale in the Kijiji but there was no pictures of it.

I hope that you will learn something else about your loom.

Posted on Tue, 03/25/2014 - 03:45

I was so sure it was an old Leclerc, but Francois Brassard, co-owner of New Leclerc confirms that it is not.  It sure is similar though.  I follow up your lead about a Julien Loom.  Thank you.