Converting handweaving draft for use on a Dobby powered loom

Hi everyone, I am a handweaver traditionally I use a floor loom. I am currently working on a project with another person who uses a dobby loom. Can anyone advise me how to convert the draft I use into something compatible with a dobby programme. 

Thanks in advance 




Posted on Tue, 09/26/2017 - 23:30

You need to convert your tie up to a liftplan.  Weaving software can do this for you.  You can do it by hand by changing the treadling to reflect the actual shafts lifted for the pick instead of the treadles indicated by the tie up.  Software is much, much easier and more foolproof.  You can download a demo version and do the conversion.  Most demos won't let you save anything.  You can work around that by taking a screenshot of your liftplan and pasting it into a Word or similar document.