TempoTreadle - works on my Harrisville Loom!

Hello all!   Over the last 6 months or so, my friend and I have perfected a wonderful system for monitoring actual treadles pressed against a weaving design.  It started as a desire to have something monitor the treadles I pressed against a WIF and "beep" at me if I made a mistake in the treadling sequence.   As I started to use it on a few of my looms, I started thinking of other features to add. I really enjoy weaving with this now as it allows me to listen to music, books and talk without making mistakes, even on very complex treadling sequences.  

We also added some features that are nice for certain types of projects that aren't necessarliy in the WIF.  For example, I can set up audible alerts after "X" number of picks to remind me to end the napkin, change color, etc.   The nicest feature of all, I've found I don't have to physically measure my weaving except for the first 12 inches or so to set the picks per inch.  I can look at the screen and know how long the woven length is for up to two pick counters and one interval counter.

We are now accepting a few beta testers, so we can test this on a few more looms and with more weavers.  After that, we'll put these for sale on www.loftyfiber.com.  

I also put a couple of blog entires on this and there is a you tube link in one of the blog entries, although it's a big dated (made some improvements since then).


Here's a direct link to the PDF for TempoTreadle: http://www.loftyfiber.com/tempotreadle-product-overview

If anyone has any interest or wants to talk to me about it, I'd love to hear from you!  My email is [email protected].