Hemstitch / Fringe

  Hello all.  I am making huck placemats out of 3/2 pearl cotton (love the sheen).  The pattern was free from a Handwoven ebook.  The directions had you hemstitch the ends, then leave little fringes.   Question - When one hemstitches is that just to tack down fringe or is there a way to hemstitch that you don't need fringe? vs. turning up and hemming after it is off the loom?



Posted on Tue, 08/22/2017 - 20:52

then it means the mats were planned for fringe and the finished project dimensions did not take into account a turned hem.

You can certainly make a folded over/stitched hem, but this hemmed part of the mat will be bulkier with the fringe encased, and the finished mat will be smaller.

Posted on Wed, 08/23/2017 - 12:34

If you hemstitch the ends on the loom, you will have fringe, as Sally mentions.  You can weave more material to create a folded hem, and can hemstitch this hem, but you can't do this on the loom because you must have a cut end.  I often weave my hems with a finer thread to reduce the bulk, and I prefer to make linens that will be washed often with hems.