You have to love Glimakra engineering!

I have worked on getting both my Glimakra Standard and Ideal warped up today. The standard is getting a new damask warp, well rethreading sort of, that part is a long story. The short part of the story is I love how the bench fits in the back of the loom, if necessary. I love how easily bits that need to come off from time to time come off and go back on when it is time!!!

The engineering is so well thought out and grace and beauty were still included in the equation! I can not say enough good things about my Glimakras! I look forward to many more happy years weaving away on them! I also want to give a shout out to JoAnne, of Glimakra USA, who always goes the extra mile to help us Glimakra owners out when we need it!

Happy weaving,



Posted on Thu, 08/13/2015 - 21:47

I agree. I bought my Glimakra standard loom 35 years ago (at that time the main store for Glimakra was near Cleveland, Ohio) and still marvel at the simple, effective and aesthetically pleasing technolology. I feel I could not have made a better choice and love the fact that it is really just a pile of sticks!