looking at glimakra standard counterbalance loom

Hi veryone,


I am new here and am getting back into weaving.  I used to have a barn loom only.  I am hoping to find something new that is the most similar to a barn loom.  I am so happy about this!  I am looking at buying a Glimakra standard counterbalance loom and am hoping someone can answer some questions I have about it from a weaver's standpoint. Is the tie up difficult for an older person? I am 53 and very good with getting down on the floor and back up but I plan to weave for many years to come.


I used to be able to sit right in front of the heddles to thread and want to know how is it you position yourself to thresd the heddles on the Glimakra?






Posted on Mon, 06/13/2016 - 14:56

Hi Carmen,

One reason that the  Glimakra looms look like the older generations of looms is that this style of loom is the most comfortable to weave on and the most comfortable to warp: to thread the heddles and to tie up the treadles.  Weavers do this in different ways, but the taller and deeper looms give you options.   And the greater depth gives you the ability to tighten the tension when needed.  Plus, treadles attached in the back are much easier to push down, so the treadling is very light.

There is more information on the Glimakra USA website.