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Georgia Yarn Company

I started the Georgia Yarn Company as a online yarn company to sell yarn to weavers,  spinners,  knitters and fiber artisan with them not having to break the bank to buy yarn and fiber. Here you can buy a large amount of yarn at a discount price. I sell to you at a little over my cost. Why, when Cheryl and I started weaving over 35 years ago yarn was cheap. Today there are only a few places selling yarn in shops and online and they love to “mark up” their price. Yes, I know they have over- head and other expenses and cost. I keep my cost as low as I can and pass the saving on to your. This is a one person operation. I buy it, pack it and ship it all by myself.

About me I am 68 (May 2011) A former Marine, electronics expert, Vo-Ag teacher and cabinet maker. I repair looms, build electronic devices for the textile trade and look after 7 horses, 2 peacocks, a dog, 4 rosters and the plantation of a lady that lives in Atlanta, GA.


Michael White

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