Episode 30


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Erica has finished the loooonnnngggg linen band!!! Yeah, on to mangling it (soaking it in hot soapy water then abusing it)!

Michelle has been playing with macrame this month. She made 4 plant hangers to help with her growing plant collection. Three look like this one.



This was the first one she made. There was enough string left over so she decided to make this one a double hanger.



Michelle finished the test knit she was working on. It still needs to be blocked, but it will be a beautiful shawl (as long as her mistakes aren't too obvious).






Erica is still working on the Dueling Fingerless Mitts. The mitts are coming along nicely!


Erica is putting another handspun warp on her Glimakra Ideal loom for Oli. He picked these yarns out of the handspun stash for Yule a few years ago!





Erica is also looking to upgrade some equipment in her studio, more on that in future episodes!