Episode 24: I have big bobbins you know that!


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Intro and Outro Music: Sundown by Joseph McDade, thank you!

Shearing day: 

Michelle and her daughters attended shearing day at Queso Cabeza farm. They go whenever they can to help schlep fleeces, skirt, round up sheep and whatever else they can do to help Laura and Rick on the day...and to play with sheep and fleece, of course.  They have about 45 Icelandic sheep in their herd. The weather was good  and they had a good time, as always. Michelle learned that Icelandic fleece grows at about an inch a month, so they're plenty warm for the winter despite being sheared in October.

The shearer does most of the work along with Rick and Laura.

This may be a fleece that followed Michelle home.

Thing 2 helping skirt. The sheet on her head was used to transfer the fleeces from where the shearer was shearing to the skirting table The shearer is quick, so they didn't get to fully clean any of the fleece before having to roll it up and bag it to start on the next.

Ryder the guard llama.

Thing 2 and Stevie, one of the bottle lambs.

This fleece followed Michelle home after the sheep "undressed".

Finished Objects!


Michelle finished skirting one of the Icelandic fleeces that followed her home. She plans to try tail spinning this fleece.

Michelle continues to spin down her stash. Here is a selection of what she has dyed and spun. The fibers include Polworth, Falkland, Targhee (she won't be spinning more of that) and Corriedale.


Erica finished weaving over 4 meters of purple damask with red weft! This warp was wound 1.5 years ago! Erica can hardly believe this cloth is all finally woven. Can you believe she first talked about her warp calculations woahs in Episode 2! She thought she might have a bit more warp on the loom to weave more cloth in another weft. Now she is contemplating whether to use this 4+ meters for a Sasanid Wrap or a Sasanid Robe.

Erica is also super excited that she has finished knitting another sock! This is sock #1 of pair #2 for her husband, Oli! Once she really got going on this sock it really was quite fast, but life, etc. means that this sock was 2 months in the making, definitely at the speed of life!

The magic swatch! Erica swatched for Weasley jumpers and got gauge on the recommended needle size. She actually got gauge on the first swatch. Erica and Michelle did not think that actually happened to people! :)

Works in progress


Michelle is currently skirting the second of the Icelandic fleeces that followed her home.

Michelle is also spinning a Cheviot/Dorset cross white fleece. She's decided to use some of these singles for tail spinning the Icelandic. The rest will be plied and possibly dyed.


Erica continues to work on knitting a shawl for herself. ?This fingering weight semi-circular shawl is very fun to knit. Erica is glad she is back to knitting on it most days. She is using  Replenish Rambouillet yarn in Persimmon from Two Ewes Fiber Adventures Shop. Her knitting pattern is:

K2, P2

K2, P2

P2, K2

P2, K2

Erica thought this was double seed stitch, but now she thinks she may have not written the pattern down correctly, still, it is quite beautiful and she really loves it. She is excited to finish this knit, so she can compare wearing a shawl with wearing a cardi with a shawl collar.