Ep 26: Christmas Presents!


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Finished Objects


Several Weavolution Tutorials.

Weasley Jumper to TJ!!! I'm so excited that TJ will have it to open on Christmas day!
Duplicate stitch was more difficult than I thought, possibly, because the main color is black.\/so dark. Two color knitting is quite easy in Portuguese style knitting, so for the next jumper I will knit the initial into the front of the jumper. I've also rewritten the pattern to knit the jumper in the round. I'm not exactly sure how I will deal with the sleeves whether I will still knit sleeves flat or pick up stitches and knit sleeve in the round top down. 

I did finish Oli's socks in time for Christmas! Yeah! 


Tawas Point lighthouse. Michelle saw this cutout of Michigan's lower peninsula and knew that it needed a lighthouse. She started this about a year ago, but just put on the finishing touches and glued it on the board.

Two gnomes received their beards. Both have locks from the same Icelandic sheep.

Michelle also did a bit of spinning. This is either Polworth or Falkland. It is the last of the fiber she dyed this summer.

This blue wool is of unknown breed. Michelle believes the white in it is mohair. 

Works in Progress


Oli sock #2 is going along really well, I also hope to have it done by Christmas to be opened as well, we shall see.

Damask Trim I have one entire design woven, hoping to make good progress over break.

Linen lining/tape I think I've got at least a meter woven now, also hope to make good progress over break.

Organic Polwarth, picked back up just today, now that the jumper is done I'll be getting back to this spinning project. I took 3 braids and split each in 3 vertically. I have put storage bobbins and the fiber in their own plastic bags to keep this project organized. I am spinning one part of each braid, then a part of the second braid, then the third, and back to the beginning. I am doing this in an attempt to keep them fairly consistent. We shall see if that works! :)

I also cast on a hat in some handspun to knit for my dad. Hopefully, it will knit up in time for him to get it this winter. :)


Four gnomes that just need beards.

Crochet spider. 62 of 64 "flowers" made. 

Michelle made a few yarn bowls that she added designs to. They're in the WIP because they still need to be fired and glazed. Her new kiln should arrive within a week or two!