Bobbin Winders

The person that created the post asking for information on electric winders did so in such a way that I can't reply.  Hopefully, this will work better.  I have had several, all of them from Ebay.  One worked well for several years, then the shaft came loose.  One was an interesting design (set on rails instead of a board) and is also coming apart.  All of them have had the same cheap sewing machine moter from Korea.  I think I will try to make me own with a little better moter.  I have used a reostat to tame the all-or-none aspect of the motor, and a better quality foot pedal helps also.


Posted on Wed, 08/02/2017 - 18:19

I don't know why you couldn't respond- but I haven't used these forums in a long time so I could have done something weird. I am about to try to make my own bobbin winder as well. I have an alphasew motor on my current bobbin winder- and you can buy the motor and pedal set up on amazon pretty inexpensively. 

Let me know if you have any luck and i'll keep you posted as well.