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Electric Bobbin Winders for Production Weaving

Currently, I am using a Leclerc electric bobbin winder that I have had for about 4 years. I have always had some issues with it: the pedal is not consisitent either providing no power to the motor or way too much power, difficulty winding cardboard spools for sectional warping, and sometimes it smells like burning rubber. The other night I was winding spools for a blanket order which required over 20,000 yards to be wound. The winder over heated and I had smoke coming from the motor (I was not winding very fast). And the heat and friction from the unstable spinning rod attached to the motor singed a couple of my cardboard spools- almost sparking a fire.

I am not trying to set fire to my warp. I need some help in order to find a bobbin winder that can withstand every day usage. I have looked into AVL Looms electric bobbin winders with auto-tensioning- but did know if there were any other options out there. And do all the bobbin winders have the same motor on it? Because I do believe that is my biggest issue is the motor is not strong enough to keep up with me- would I be better off making my own? 

Looking forward to some feedback and suggestions. I am also going to look into the DIY Tools and Equipment group to se if I can find any other resources there.

Thank you so much!



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