Robin Russon workshops

I am forwarding a message from Cynthia Hull about two Waterford Weavers workshops.  Although they are taking place in Reston, they are still a great opportunity.   


Waterford Weavers Guild is sponsoring two one-day workshops with Robin Russo March 19th and 20th. Robin’s classes have been very popular in the past, thanks to her amazing knowledge of silk and its properties (she raised silkworms for several years). She is also known for providing generous amounts of materials to play with, so that everyone has the opportunity to leave with finished items that express their creativity. Both workshops will be held at the Reston Community Center in Hunters Woods from 10AM-4PM.

Silk Paper (Friday, March 19, 2010)

Also called silk fusion or silk felt, it has been a very popular technique for some years and the final products have been used in many different ways.  The silk paper class teaches how to make the paper and allows participants to explore this technique in their own way. Participants can be very creative in this class with the use of color and surface embellishment.  There is a materials fee of $20.

Nuno Felt (Saturday, March 20, 2010)

This felting technique produces a fine felt with lots of surface embellishments.  It uses very little wool and incorporates a piece of silk fabric to give strength and integrity to the fabric.  It is a gentle felting process, using a rolling technique instead of a washboard.  The felted fabric can be cut up and sewn on a sewing machine.  There is a materials fee of $15.

Registration is now open to non-guild members. The price for each workshop is $75. There are openings in both workshops. To sign up or get further information, please contact Cynthia Hull ([email protected]703-860-4814).