Douglas Andrew Counterbalance floor loom - questions

I have been to look at a loom inherited by a young person interested in weaving. It is her Grandmother's Douglas Andrew Counterbalance floor loom - at least that is what the accompanying instructions say! She has done a fantastic job of putting it back together.  However, the loom seems to have been 'adapted' in some way and the original beam that carried the pulley's and horses is now missing as are the pulley's and horses themselves! There are four holes on each of the side top beams where we think this pulley/horse beam should be but they have been almost covered over with a different construction.
So my questions are:

  • does anyone have detailed instructions/descriptions of the Douglas Andrew Counterbalance Floor Loom (we have the original two sided sheet giving 'Instructions for assembling the loom' and 'How to tie up your loom ready for weaving' but they are not particularly helpful!).
  • does anyone have one of these looms and is able to provide detailed photographic information about the beam that carries the pulleys and horses and how it slots into the side frame?

Many thanks for any suggestions/ help/ advice.
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Posted on Wed, 05/01/2013 - 09:08

Hi Its been awhile since I was last here so I.v forgotn how it realy works so admin you can move this post to the correct place.

I'm looking for a copy of Marian Powells 1000+ patterns in4,6,and8 shaft shadow weave have seen one I think it was on amazon fot $250.00 way out of my grasp. So dose any one know where I could buy a copy from that wont brake the bank.


Posted on Sat, 05/18/2013 - 07:14

I inherited a Douglas Andrew Loom without instructions, too. But I have gotten it together and absolutely LOVE the way it weaves. Each time I create something, I learn something new about the loom, like the beater can actually screw into the metal plate next to the four holes you described.

And yes, those four holes are for the cross beam that holds the horses. I've added more shafts to mine and so I have two crossbeams, one that goes in the pegs and another that I made that is simply clamped to the frame. I found old pulleys on ebay that screwed into the second beam and bought the horses from a Glimakra dealer. I did put all new texhold cords on everything. I would love to see the two pages you mentioned and I would be happy to post some more pictures that I've been collecting.

Posted on Tue, 07/09/2019 - 16:28

Reviving this thread in the hope that someone here with documentation might be able to scan or photograph and send me copies of the original documentation that came with the loom? I too am looking to restore the cb on my Douglas Andrew, but received no documentation at all in its purchase.

Posted on Thu, 07/11/2019 - 16:49

What kind of documentation are you looking for?  Most looms come with none, or simple assembly instructions, with the exception of unusual looms that require special instruction, like dobby looms.  The Glimakra website has good I formation on CB looms, and Leclerc sells  CB looms and has  diagrams of their looms.  As is mentioned previously in this thread, CB looms are pretty simple.  You have a top beam, with several dowels, or pulleys, or horses hanging from it, from which hang the shafts..