October 31 the goal?

As I began threading the heddles on my test double weave warp tongiht I realized I am going to run out of time to do my project.  I am just working on the sample and will be away all next week which leaves me one week to finish the sample and wind a new warp and weave my project.  Ooops, I should have started in August!.  

Oh, well.  I'll do my best.  Perhaps my sample will be my double dare and the real thing will be in November.


PS  I called the place where I bought the kit and figured out the treadling.  You weave a tube for 6.5" them you weave leaving one side open for the thumb hole for 1.5" then you weave a tube for another 3" and you have hand mitts!  Pretty cool.  I'll let you know how the sample mitts work out.  Confidence is low.  hehe


Posted on Sun, 10/21/2012 - 08:22

Late to the show here, but I'll be starting to warp my queen wool blanket beiginning tommorrow. Over a week left, lots of time. :)